Sports Fields & Recreation Spaces

Sports Complex

Located on the north side of the campus, the Cal Poly Sports Complex includes several types of lighted facilities.

  • Baggett Stadium (baseball stadium)
  • Bob Janssen Field (softball stadium)
  • Three Synthetic Turf Upper Fields
  • Five Basketball Courts
  • Four Natural Grass Lower Fields

Baggett Stadium

Image forBaggett Stadium

Home to Cal Poly Baseball, Baggett Stadium is widely considered one of America’s finest collegiate baseball complexes. Named in honor of All-CCAA catcher and Cal Poly Hall of Fame Alumnus Robin Baggett, the stadium is located on the north side of the campus overlooking the central core of the University. Under frequent crystal clear blue skies and cooled by the balmy breezes emanating from the nearby Pacific Ocean, the stadium is framed by the scenic coastal hills and mountains for which the Central Coast of California is well known.

At the stadium’s plaza entrance, a bronze statue of former Mustang great and Baseball Hall of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith greets visitors and guests. The plaza then leads to the heart of Baggett Stadium with its 745 chairback seats, seating for 1,734 overall, home clubhouse and batting cages, press box, and bullpen areas.


335 feet down the left and right field lines, 405 feet to straightaway center, 385 feet in the power alleys

Facility Playing Surface:

Natural Grass

Bob Janssen Field

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Home to Cal Poly Softball, Bob Janssen Field is the beautiful sister facility to Baggett Stadium. Named in honor of area patron and sports enthusiast Bob Janssen, the stadium is located on the north side of the campus and faces southwest toward the Pacific Ocean and famed Bishop’s Peak. Known as a pitcher’s ballpark, sun drenched fans and players alike quickly learn that the occasional breezes off the Pacific Ocean can stop a potential home run shot in its tracks or wreak havoc with casual fly balls.

Sharing a common plaza entrance with Baggett Stadium, Bob Janssen Field is beautifully landscaped and maintained as a wonderfully comfortable venue with its 400 chairback seats, seating capacity for 800, tower lighting for night games, as well as a spacious home clubhouse along with batting cages and bullpen areas for home and away teams.


210 feet down the left and right field lines, 210 feet to straightaway center, 210 feet in the power alleys

Facility Playing Surface:

Natural Grass

Synthetic Turf Upper Fields

Image forSynthetic Turf Upper Fields

All three lighted fields are within a fenced, gated and lighted area at the upper end of the Sports Complex. The combined field sizes of all three fields totals approximately 6.6 acres.

Each field is striped/painted per the dimension of a NCAA regulation sized soccer field.

Restroom facilities and parking are nearby, making the lighted facility an ideal venue for camps, clinics and tournaments.

Number of Fields:


Facility Playing Surface:


Natural Grass Lower Fields

Image forNatural Grass Lower Fields

There are four lighted natural grass lower fields, including three skinned softball diamonds.

The lower fields are located below the two stadiums, with restrooms and parking nearby. These fields provide an excellent location for groups who prefer to utilize natural grass fields for activities.

Number of Fields:


Facility Playing Surface:

Natural Grass

Basketball Courts

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The Outdoor Basketball Courts consist of five lighted full size basketball courts located at the Upper Sports Complex, between the Synthetic Turf Fields and Baggett and Janssen stadiums.

Adjacent to this facility are bicycle racks and a paved parking lot including disabled and motorcycle parking.

Number of Courts:


ASI Campus Recreation Center

Image forASI Campus Recreation Center

The expanded and renovated ASI Recreation Center is the result of a shared student vision that supports the campus environment. The expanded facility is a welcoming destination for the entire campus community to relax, recreate, and socialize.

As the largest facility of its kind in California, the ASI Recreation Center has multiple small and large indoor and outdoor spaces, ideal for conferences, workshops, camps and clinics.

Sports Facilities

  • Robert A. Mott Gymnasium
  • Anderson Aquatic Center
  • Mustang Tennis Complex
  • Cal Poly Track Complex

Robert A. Mott Gymnasium

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Located at the southeastern entrance to the University, Cal Poly’s Mott Gymnasium has been the site of many historic athletic competitions for Cal Poly men’s and women’s basketball teams, women’s volleyball and Mustang wrestling.

For professional conferences, workshops, seminars and sports camp programs, Mott Gymnasium is an outstanding, large capacity venue which can be set-up to accommodate the unique needs of many types of programs.

The storied facility includes restrooms, locker rooms and the Mustang Strength Complex.

Seating Capacity:


Facility Playing Surface:

Southern White Pine

Anderson Aquatic Center

Image forAnderson Aquatic Center

Named in honor of Dick Anderson, Cal Poly professor emeritus of physical education and former Director of Intercollegiate Athletics at Cal Poly, the Anderson Aquatic Center is one of the newest collegiate pool facilities in the Western United States.

Positioned between the Mustang Tennis Complex, Mott Gymnasium and Cal Poly’s student recreation center, the main Myrtha-built pool and its accompanying 15-by-30-foot all-shallow therapy pool not only offer one of the nation’s finest swimming complexes but a state-of-the art facility ideally suited for year-round outdoor use.


Eight 50-meter lanes and 18 25-yard lanes

Facility Surfaces:

Concrete slab floor with PVC-coated stainless steel walls

Mustang Tennis Complex

Image forMustang Tennis Complex

Nestled below Cal Poly’s Performing Arts Center and flanked by Anderson Aquatic Center, Robert A. Mott Gymnasium and the Mustangs Track and Field Complex, the Mustang Tennis Complex offers stunning views of the nearby coastal mountains. Additionally, protected by its surroundings, the tennis complex offers superb weather and playing conditions year-round for the tennis enthusiast.


Seven courts with stadium lighting and chair back seating for 250

Facility Playing Surface:

All Weather Hard Courts

Cal Poly Track and Field Complex

Image forCal Poly Track and Field Complex

Home to men’s and women’s track and field as well as cross country, the Cal Poly Track and Field Complex is staged at the eastern entrance to the University directly across Grand Avenue from the student resident halls.

Refurbished in 2005, the track is comprised of a 400-meter oval with a Chevron 440 running surface as well as multiple vaulting, jumping and throwing pits. Inside the track interior is a natural grass football field, ideal for large group activities or multiple small group activities.


400-meter oval, with jumping pits and steeplechase hazard

Facility Surface:

Chevron 440